VivereX® NPWT makes wound treatment easy and effective

Sunmedic designs and offers wound treatment products based on patients’ essential requirements considering simplicity in the application of the appropriate treatments by healthcare professionals. In line with this core competency and our specialized field in advanced wound management area, we have developed VivereX®. This product has been designed, developed, and produced in accordance with ISO13485 and has an EC certificate and entitled to the CE mark.

VivereX® is designed for use on clean, closed incisions and skin grafts.

VivereX® may show high safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of NPWT in the prevention of postoperative wound complications.

It has been demonstrated that negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) reduced wound infection and other complications in clean, closed surgical incisions.

Decrease in wound complications in morbidly obese women receiving incisional negative pressure therapy following the cesarean section has been shown by several studies.

According to the literature, incisional closure complications may range from postoperative surgical site infections, representing about 22% of healthcare-associated infections, surgical wound dehiscence and formation of hematomas or seromas, and can lead to delayed or impaired incision healing.

Using VivereX® as a preventive therapy via immediate postoperative application in high-risk, clean, closed surgical incisions may have a critical role in the management of wound healing.
We are proud to announce the introduction of the ever first Swedish made single use NPWT device.
VivereX® as a new wound-specific NPWT system with small size is recommended for wounds with low- to moderate exudate, cleanly closed incisions, and acute abdominal wounds.

VivereX® System

VivereX® dressing

The VivereX® dressing is a reliable and advanced dressing that promotes healing, requires minimal changes, is comfortable to the patient. The dressing by having several layers providing adequate absorbance of wound secretion before it needs to be changed. The VivereX® system delivers all designated treatment goals with the benefits of portable NPWT devices.

VivereX® system consists of a single use device which provides therapy for up to ten days, 2x AA lithium batteries, 4 pieces of fixation strips for secure fixation of the dressings and a wound dressing set currently in one of 7 possible sizes as following :

1- 12.5 X 12.5 cm Ref No. : PDI600201
2- 12.5 X 18.75 cm Ref No. : PDI600202
3- 12.5 X 25 cm Ref No. : PDI600203
4- 12.5 X 35 cm Ref No. : PDI600204
5- 12.5 X 40 cm Ref No. : PDI600205
6- 17.5 X 22.5 cm Ref No. : PDI600206
7- 17.5 X 32.5 cm Ref No. : PDI600207

For ordering purpose a marketing set has been designed including a piece of VivereX® device and 2 pieces of VivereX® dressing as following :

1- VivereX® device and 2 pieces of dressing (12.5 X 12.5 cm) Ref No. : PDI600101
2- VivereX® device and 2 pieces of dressing (12.5 X 18.75 cm) Ref No. : PDI600102
3- VivereX® device and 2 pieces of dressing (12.5 X 25 cm) Ref No. : PDI600103
4- VivereX® device and 2 pieces of dressing (12.5 X 35 cm) Ref No. : PDI600104
5- VivereX® device and 2 pieces of dressing (12.5 X 40 cm) Ref No. : PDI600105
6- VivereX® device and 2 pieces of dressing (17.5 X 22.5 cm) Ref No. : PDI600106
7- VivereX® device and 2 pieces of dressing (17.5 X 32.5 cm) Ref No. : PDI600107

Note: In our current packaging there are 5 pieces of dressings in each marketing box of VivereX® dressing. This needs to be well considered in order quantity.

Case 1

A 76-year-old female patient suffering from diabetic foot ulcer for 4 months. There was no sign of ischemia or polyneuropathy. Pic 1 shows the wound at the first visit

The wound was debrided at the same first visit (Pic. 2)

The treatment with VivereX® was initiated. The dressing was changed twice every week for 4 weeks.

Last 2 weeks the wound was treated by Aquacel. Pic 3 Shows the wound was healed with complete epithelization 6 weeks after initiate NPWT by VivereX®.

Case 2

A 75-year-female patient with a history of DFU which has been progressed in size and deep.

The wound was debrided and NPWT by VivereX® was initiated. Antibiotic therapy was also started.


The dressing was regularly changed twice a week, After one week the redness and infection sign subsided. The secretion volume was reduced. (Pic 2)

After 5 weeks of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy the most part of the wound bed was covered by new epithelization, The wound was treated now by Aquacell. (Pic 3)

And with the last visit 6 weeks later the wound was totally healed, (Pic 4)


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