Prolavacid® is an antiseptic and antibiofilm composition in the form of a gel or solution. Prolavacid® contains PHMB, one of the most frequently used wound antiseptic agents. It may be used separately or the composition of wound dressings such as polyhexanide-containing bio-cellulose dressings. PHMB kills bacteria by integrating into the cell membrane and re-organizing the membrane structure. The structural change prevents cells from pumping PHMB out of their membrane; thus, bactericidal concentrations of the agent are maintained in the cells.

Prolavacid is unique in its composition. Prolavacid has been designed for enhanced biocide and antibiofilm effect without compromising its biocompatibility. By inovative technique Prolavacid® is made of a composition of agents with well-known good biocompatibility. Furthermore, Prolavacid® composition allows for restoring extracellular fluid level in dry wound environments which otherwise may be an obstacle to wound healing. PHMB based antiseptic solution and medical honey have demonstarated to be more biocompatible compared to nanosilver, PVP iodine and octenidine.

Another PHMB based wound agent is the Prontosan® whose composition consists of PHMB and cationic surfactant. Prontosan® has in our microbiological studies shown a significantly weaker biocidal effect compared to Prolavacid®.